Current building interest

Benefit from favourable construction financing interest rates

The conditions mentioned assume a net loan amount of 150,000.00 euros or more, a maximum loan-to-value of 54.00 % of the purchase price, an initial repayment of 2.00 % p.a. and first-ranking security of the loan by an owner-occupied property without increased modernisation expenses and disbursement of the loan amount in one sum.
As is customary when granting real estate loans, the applicant's impeccable income and asset situation, a secure employment relationship and a sustainable property value of at least 278,000 euros are also required.
Conditions for other loan amounts or lending limits are available on request. In principle, unscheduled repayments of 5% or 10% can be agreed and KfW funds can be taken into account.
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This calculation is a sample and does not constitute an offer. We assume no liability for the result of the calculation. Interest rates shown are exemplary or correspond to customer input.

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