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Adapt your follow-up financing to your wishes and goals now!

First things first:

  • You usually need follow-up financing several times during the course of your real estate financing! You can realise significant savings potential now. By making comparisons at an early stage, you can improve the conditions enormously!
  • Of course, you now also have the option of adapting your loan to your personal and financial situation!
  • You should now definitely take the time to make a comprehensive comparison of providers and conditions!
After the first loan for your property has been paid out, it's time to take a deep breath. Nothing will change with regard to your negotiated conditions within the fixed-interest period and you can rely on the monthly instalment of the loan repayment with peace of mind. However, you should think about the possibilities of follow-up financing early on before the fixed-interest period expires.
As a rule, the fixed interest rate ends between 5 and 25 years. However, there is usually still a high residual debt. Follow-up financing is now required to pay off the remaining debt. The earlier you take care of the refinancing of your real estate loan, the better your chances of obtaining favourable conditions for your follow-up financing.

What is the best way to proceed with the follow-up financing?

First of all, you should not wait until your credit institution approaches you, but keep an eye on interest rate and market developments early on. This will enable you to make a more favourable decision and strengthen your negotiating position with the credit institutions.
A forward loan may be an option for you as early as 5 years before your current fixed-interest period expires. This way you can secure favourable market interest rates at a very early stage. However, please bear in mind that the credit institutions will pay for this security with interest surcharges.
At the latest three months before the fixed interest rate expires, we recommend comparing current interest rates, because your bank will now make you an offer for a prolongation. Keep in mind that you are always in a strong negotiating position, because your bank is naturally interested in continuing your financing. The comparison will pay off!
If the bank does not make you a competitive offer, debt restructuring is the best solution for your loan. This means nothing other than that your loan will be continued by another bank at better conditions.
schlüssel zur passenden anschlussfinanzierung

Find out about your opportunities in the context of follow-up financing at an early stage. The forward loan in particular secures you the favourable interest rate of today, in the future!

What does the follow-up financing mean for the further course of my loan?

To do this, one should understand the characteristics of the annuity loan, which is by far the most common type of loan in Germany. This is because it follows that the first follow-up financing is the most important.
The following example shows how important favourable continued financing can be: with a loan amount of 200,000 EUR, an annual borrowing rate of 2%, a repayment rate of 2% and a fixed borrowing rate of 15 years, the remaining debt at the end of the fixed interest period is still approx. 130,000 EUR!
If the interest rate were to remain the same and the rate unchanged, the initial repayment rate would increase to 3.1%. However, if the interest rate environment changes - and it does in the vast majority of cases - it is worth comparing the conditions even with a moderate increase in interest rates. So don't wait, the remaining debt can often still be very high. The following applies: The higher the remaining debt and the interest rate difference, the greater the savings potential.

What makes a good follow-up financing?

In principle, the follow-up financing does not differ significantly from the granting of the first loan, but you now have the great advantage of benefiting from the currently still very favourable interest rates, renegotiating all conditions and, of course, also adjusting the loan rate to your current life situation. If you took out your first loan about 10 years ago, you will probably pay an average of 5% interest. At the moment, we are still in a phase of very low interest rates of 1% to 2%. Interest rates are likely to remain low for the next few years, so you will benefit from a longer fixed-interest period. The repayment rate is not to be sneezed at either. A higher repayment rate naturally has a positive effect and you save interest. So you save a lot of money! If you have any further questions on the subject of follow-up financing, we would be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail from our FLEXHYPO advice centres in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Take advantage of your opportunity to adapt your construction financing to your current wishes and needs. For example, you now have the opportunity to agree on higher or lower instalments and more flexible repayments.

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