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The best start for your property finance planning is a budget check!

For many people, taking out a loan for a mortgage is a project that entails a decision for several decades of their lives. Therefore: Think through your financing as well as possible and consider your life planning from different angles. Is it important to you to have the greatest possible security regarding the development of interest rates or do you want to be as flexible as possible during the term? While some have already found their dream property, others want to know in what range the total costs may move in order to guarantee financing in the long term. Even if there are no current intentions to buy a property, the loan calculator provides information about how high a possible loan instalment could be and how much money you should raise at least monthly.

These and similar questions arise in connection with taking out a loan:

  • What loan amount will I receive on my salary?
  • How high is the monthly rate?
  • How much interest do I pay on my financing?
  • How long will it take to pay off my property?

Benefit from our current construction financing interest rates


3,40 % per year

The tied borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate of charge including all costs for the individual financing plans of 2/3 of our customers are currently at:

A representative example:

Debit interest commitment Fixed borrowing rate Effective annual interest rate
5 years 3,40 % pro Jahr 3,50 % pro Jahr
10 years 3,45 % pro Jahr 3,54 % pro Jahr
15 years 3,65 % pro Jahr 3,74 % pro Jahr
20 years 3,85 % pro Jahr 3,94 % pro Jahr

The conditions mentioned assume a net loan amount of 150,000.00 euros or more, a maximum loan-to-value of 54.00 % of the purchase price, an initial repayment of 2.00 % p.a. and first-ranking security of the loan by an owner-occupied property without increased modernisation expenses and disbursement of the loan amount in one sum.

As is customary when granting real estate loans, the applicant's impeccable income and asset situation, a secure employment relationship and a sustainable property value of at least 278,000 euros are also required.

Conditions for other loan amounts or lending limits are available on request. In principle, unscheduled repayments of 5% or 10% can be agreed and KfW funds can be taken into account.

We would be happy to calculate your individual condition offer. Simply call us or arrange a non-binding consultation.

The credit calculator explained at a glance

Our construction loan calculator gives you a lot of different information at a glance. You enter your desired loan amount quickly and easily. Then you decide on the fixed-interest period and set your interest rate and repayment rate. The start of the instalment payment is another fixed part of the calculation. Changes during the term are taken into account by setting the repayment rates and entering unscheduled repayments. By specifying the loan amount and the term of the fixed interest rate, you will receive several calculations. You will receive a detailed breakdown of the monthly instalment you can expect and the amount of interest and repayment. In addition, you will see the result at the end of the desired fixed interest rate period and when the entire loan is repaid, assuming constant interest rates. The attached repayment schedule shows your annual repayments until the end of the loan.

The annuity loan for classic construction financing

The popular annuity loan plays an important role in the background of the calculation. The monthly loan instalment consists of interest and repayment. At the beginning, the interest portion takes up the larger part of the regular burden. Over time, the whole thing turns around, so that the interest payments become lower and the actual repayment higher. Depending on your personal circumstances, other forms of financing such as a fixed loan in combination with a life insurance policy or a real estate fund may be considered. You can also get support for certain measures from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

The determination of the loan amount

Based on the total financing, including all ancillary purchase costs and any expenses for renovations and modernisation, you calculate your desired loan. For a high degree of flexibility during the long repayment period, divide the loan into several loans with different fixed interest rates and repayment rates. In many cases, government subsidies can be included in the financing. The experts at FLEXHYPO will advise you individually and include your personal circumstances in the calculation.

The amount of the monthly instalment

First and foremost, you attach importance to adjusting the amount of the monthly instalment to your personal financial planning. For you, this means managing the regular loan payment well both currently and in the years to come. A well thought-out budget calculation supports you in your planning. Subtract all expenses from your recurring income. Don't forget to break down annual payments, such as club or insurance contributions, into monthly amounts. The bottom line is that you have a monthly disposable income. This should be generous so that smaller unforeseen expenses do not throw you off track.

For some time now, we have been in a low-interest environment, which has a positive effect on the level of construction financing interest rates for owners. In order to pay off the property within an acceptable period of time (usually until retirement), it is a good idea to adjust the repayment rate. This should be selected in such a way that, on the one hand, you can withstand the regular burden well and, on the other hand, you can make an appropriate repayment and thus call your property debt-free after about 20 to 30 years.

Choosing the right fixed interest rate

In a low-interest phase, experts generally recommend long fixed-interest periods. This way, you secure favourable interest rates for a constant period of time, which makes your construction financing more pleasant. Banks often offer fixed interest rates for between 5 and 30 years. Even if you opt for a very long term, the law always grants you a right of termination after 10 years. This gives you the option to react flexibly if you unexpectedly come into an inheritance or win the lottery. If you choose a shorter term of 5 years instead, you expose yourself to the risk of interest rate changes, especially rising interest rates. In return, you are in a position to reduce your instalment if necessary, e.g. when starting a family.

The possibility of unscheduled repayments

In addition to the full repayment option at the end of the regular loan agreement, many borrowers include an annual unscheduled repayment option in their financing. By default, this is between 5 and 10 % of the amount financed. This allows the property owner to repay the loan more quickly. Annual special payments from employment, holiday pay or Christmas bonuses can be easily accommodated in this way. If you have concrete figures, enter the benefit in the additional field in the loan calculator.

What happens next

After you have used the mortgage calculator to get an initial estimate of what your monthly instalment will be, you can start looking for suitable products. It is very worthwhile to compare providers, as the spread between different banks can be very different, even if interest rates are generally low. A small number after the decimal point already has a serious effect on the total cost ratio and thus on the instalment to be paid.

Our FLEXHYPO advice centres in Berlin-Friedrichshain and Düsseldorf-Pempelfort will be happy to advise you.

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