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Find the construction financing that really suits you

What matters:

1. customised financing plan

Every financing is different. A carefully prepared financing plan is the basis for your real estate financing. It is crucial that your individual circumstances are precisely taken into account.

2. experienced construction financing advisors

Our financing experts know exactly what you need to pay attention to and provide you with targeted support. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with many credit institutions, our customers often benefit from particularly favourable conditions.

3. compare first, then decide

Based on your enquiry and the financing plan, we will prepare a free and completely non-binding, individual offer of conditions. The basis for this is always a comprehensive comparison of conditions. This saves you time and money.

Calculate your budget for your construction financing here:

This is how you see what costs arise

You may be considering construction financing for the first time. Would you like to see what your approximate costs will be? Then use our budget calculator. This will give you an initial overview.
For a detailed calculation of your construction financing, we will then need some more information from you. One of our employees will be happy to explain everything else to you personally in a telephone call. Please feel free to request your non-binding consultation. an.

Construction financing with Flexhypo - Our strengths at a glance

haus finanzieren, wohnung finanzieren, immobilie finanzieren


We are an independent loan broker. Independent because we make a good selection for our clients from the entire range of relevant providers. You - our customers - are always at the centre of our advice.

haus finanzieren, wohnung finanzieren, immobilie finanzieren


Our experts have many years of experience in buying and financing residential property. This is exactly the expertise you need to acquire your residential property quickly and securely.

haus finanzieren, wohnung finanzieren, immobilie finanzieren


Our loan brokerage is absolutely focused on your interests and independent of those of third parties, such as brokers or other providers. With our advice, you create favourable conditions for the purchase and financing of your property at an early stage.

haus finanzieren, wohnung finanzieren, immobilie finanzieren


With us, the service does not end with the conclusion of your financing. We will continue to be at your side with help and advice and support you during the process. Our goal is to have happy customers who recommend us to others!

These are the mistakes you should avoid when financing your construction project


Incomplete financing plan

  • Create a financing plan
  • Pay attention to all costs incurred
  • Get advice from experts
Ein professionell erarbeiteter Finanzierungsplan ist bei der Finanzierung einer Immobilie äußerst wichtig. Sind zum Beispiel die Kaufnebenkosten falsch oder gar nicht berücksichtigt, kann dies zu enormen Unannehmlichkeiten führen, weil Rechnungen ins Haus „flattern“ und im schlimmsten Fall sogar Geld fehlt. Denn mit der Begleichung des Kaufpreises ist es nicht getan. Der Notar erhebt Gebühren für die Beurkundung und auch das Grundbuchamt arbeitet nicht kostenlos. Schließlich wird in der Regel auch Grunderwerbsteuer zu zahlen sein. Nehmen Sie die Dienstleistung eines Maklers in Anspruch, muss auch dieser bezahlt werden.


Not enough equity capital

  • Check equity capital
  • Clarify conditions
  • Change due to equity
It is tempting, especially in low interest rate phases, to consider home financing with little equity. However, caution is advised here. Many banks require that at least the ancillary purchase costs be paid from existing reserves. But that is not all: financing with very little equity automatically extends the repayment period and thus the time until your property is paid off. In addition, due to the higher loan, the monthly burden is also higher. Last but not least, the banks pay for the higher credit risk with an interest surcharge. Translated with (free version)


Missing flexibility

  • Consider unscheduled repayments
  • Coordinate life planning with fixed interest rates
  • Calculate alternatives
Cheap credit offers often come at the expense of flexibility. However, the lack of flexibility in a loan agreement can have a very negative effect when life circumstances change. The chance of an earlier repayment of the loan through unscheduled repayment upon receipt of a bonus payment is then just as impossible as changing the rate within the fixed interest period. Often it is already foreseeable when the loan is taken out that the rate will soon no longer be suitable. Of course, the rate can also be intended to be lower. Think, for example, of a young couple who want to have children. Translated with (free version)


Financial burden

  • Write down living expenses
  • Consider annual expenses
  • Calculate alternatives / use budget calculator
Check your available budget carefully. The vast majority of clients still want to go on holiday after buying their property, and they may also want to buy a car at some point. Of course, many people are willing to go to their financial limits for the dream of owning their own home, which is quite understandable, but unfortunately many lose sight of their "real" living costs. Avoid this mistake!


Low repayment / high loan amount

  • Evaluate purchase price
  • Note the credit period
  • Compare conditions
Interest rates are currently at an all-time low. At the same time, real estate prices - especially in major German cities - have risen enormously. Banks regularly demand a repayment of only one percent, and the low interest rates do the rest. To put it bluntly, this constellation harbours the risk of buying too expensively. The risk lies in particular in the future development of interest rates. If they are dependent on follow-up financing in a completely changed market environment, this can cause overly ambitious planning to falter.


Interest rate fixing too short

  • Plan fixed interest
  • Observe running time
  • Compare conditions
As already described, we are currently in a phase of historically low interest rates. This is, of course, first of all pleasing for today's financing customers. Today you have the chance to plan a real estate financing at really favourable conditions, which allows planning security for a very long time. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you opt for a long fixed interest rate and have to throw very tempting conditions with shorter terms to the wind. But here, too, you should compare well: Many banks make you pay a lot for a long fixed interest rate!

What do I have to look out for when choosing my property?

We offer answers to your questions:

  • Which location suits me?
  • How much space do I need?
  • Special equipment required?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is the price reasonable?

Double advice is better!

The three most important value-determining characteristics of a property? Location, location, location! If you are thinking of buying your own home, you have probably heard this answer before. However, location is just one of many factors to consider. After all, when you buy a property you usually commit yourself for a long time and who would like to live in the long run “in their mistakes”? Expertise is therefore important, because there are enough open questions: This is where the purchase support comes in as a newly designed service from FLEXHYPO and offers you competent support. Have you found what you are looking for? Great - then we can calculate the right financing. We offer professional support so that the dream of your own property becomes a reality.

Your advantages:

  • Keeping an eye on current market developments
  • Well informed about the current interest rate situation
  • Our experts are at your side
  • Save money through our expertise

At your side - with advice right from the start

Our real estate and construction finance experts in Düsseldorf and Berlin have many years of experience. We are real estate appraisers and finance brokers for residential real estate. That is exactly the expertise with which you can acquire your home ownership quickly and securely. Our service is absolutely independent. With the advice you create the most favorable conditions for the purchase and financing of your property as early as possible. We therefore deliberately offer our valuable recommendations as part of our extended financing advice for you completely free of charge and without obligation. Overall, this is another plus point to place your trust in us.

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