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What is a forward loan?

Basically, a forward loan is a normal follow-up financing. The only and decisive difference is that the interest rate is fixed up to 36 months before the fixed-interest period expires. Regardless of the interest rate level, a comparison of conditions makes absolute sense - even in low-interest phases, the offers of different credit institutions can differ greatly!

Your advantages:

  • You receive excellent service
  • Personal advice near you
  • Focus on your wishes and goals
  • Optimised loan proposals at top conditions

How do I get my forward loan?

The most important thing: Start looking into the topic early. You can receive offers for a forward loan as early as 36 months before the fixed-interest period of your current loan expires. It is advisable to first use a non-binding construction financing calculator to plan your individual wishes and goals. In the next step, it is important to compare the different offers. Most branch banks, Volksbanks and savings banks also offer forward loans, but you will only find out the most favourable loan with the best possible conditions for you through a market-wide comparison of conditions. This is where one of our key advantages for our clients comes into play. We are an independent loan broker and can completely relieve you of the task of talking to many banks! In addition, we receive interesting special conditions from some banks and pass them on to our clients. Last but not least, for many of our satisfied customers, our experience in structuring construction financing has made it possible to negotiate your individual wishes for a forward loan in the first place.

The best thing is to contact us today and find out about the forward conditions for the desired loan amount and fixed-interest period. In an initial telephone conversation, we will develop customised solutions for you that really fit!

What will the forward loan cost me?

The cost of the forward loan is an interest surcharge by the bank. How high this is depends very individually on the time and the respective lender. Basically, it is about how the bank estimates the future interest rate development. In recent years, the mark-up has been around 0.01 - 0.03 %. Of course, compared to the advantages, this is an extremely moderate interest surcharge and makes this product very interesting! However, please bear in mind the following: A forward loan must also fit your life situation. So if you are expecting significant changes, such as a job change or a move, another product might be more interesting for you. We will be happy to advise you, just contact us by phone or email at our advice centres in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

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