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Real estate financing must fit!

Do you already know the budget for your first property?

Or do you know how much property you can afford? Simply use our budget calculator! Calculating your budget is very simple: First, enter your available equity and your monthly financial surplus. Please bear in mind that if you live in rented accommodation and the rental costs will no longer apply in the future, this can be taken into account in your monthly available amount. Now simply choose the desired amount of interest and repayment. If you are unsure about the interest rate, you can simply leave the default setting at 2%.
Only when the budget is clear should you start evaluating property purchase prices in different locations. Therefore, you should set a budget limit and then search for an appropriate property.

This calculation is a sample and does not constitute an offer. We do not accept any liability for the result of the calculation.

Opt for good advice and for more service!

For most people, building or buying their own property is the fulfilment of a dream. We are the partner at your side who will provide you with professional support in financing your property. We are now active throughout Germany and will be happy to advise you by telephone or by e-mail from our advice centres in Düsseldorf and Berlin.
Play it safe, take advantage of our free service and save a lot of time and money on your project! In the following, we have compiled a variety of tips for our customers. These will help you to make the right decisions together with us.
Our team, consisting of specialists with years of experience, is guaranteed to find exactly the right construction financing for you. Benefit from our comprehensive comparison of conditions with over 750 credit institutions and our good contacts to regional financing partners. As part of our advisory services, you will of course be informed about every step and supported in all decisions. Simply ask us for a non-binding offer for your construction financing - it will pay off for you!

You profit from:

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  • Expert advice for all financing decisions
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How high should the rate of my real estate financing be?

In addition to the equity, you should also think about the amount of the future monthly burden. How much am I willing and able to pay over a long period of time? As a rule, you should not plan for more than 40 % of your net income. Please do not forget the ancillary costs for the maintenance of your property! If you calculate with 3.00 EUR to 3.50 EUR per square metre, you have a realistic value. You should not limit yourself too much here and always bear in mind that this financing may accompany you for decades. If you calculate too tightly, you may end up not being able to pay your instalment. So be generous when calculating your expenses and keep a budget book for some time. This is the best way to arrive at a realistic income and expenditure calculation. Not only income and assets are very individual, but of course also the demand for living expenses and consumption. What is decisive is what is left over.
glücklich mit der ersten finanzierung

The best start for your property finance planning is a budget check!

Before you even consider buying a property and the associated property financing, you should definitely take a deeper look at your financial options.
Only when you are really sure how high your monthly surplus is, or how much money you have available each month to repay a loan, should you start looking at the size and location of your dream property.
So list all the household expenses and compare them to your income. Be a little more generous with the costs and don't forget the expenses that only occur once a year. These are, for example, certain insurances, your annual holiday or, if applicable, repair or maintenance costs for your car. This will give you a certain financial cushion.

Especially in big cities like Berlin and Düsseldorf, the purchase prices for real estate have risen considerably, which of course also has an impact on the amount of financing. The good news for you is that with the current historically low interest rates, buying real estate is still particularly worthwhile. Contact us.

What should I look for in a solid construction financing?

For most people, buying or building their own property is probably one of the biggest investments in their lives. Once your dream property has been found, the next step is a financing plan. Here, the purchase price and the ancillary purchase costs are compared to the equity capital. The difference finally forms the financing requirement. This financing in particular should therefore be carefully thought through! After all, this investment will accompany you for years and will be a long-term expenditure item. So it is important not to buy too expensively.
Real estate is valued according to the following characteristics, among others: The most important point is, of course, the location of your dream property. The regional differences are relatively high in Germany and also vary quite strongly from district to district in the cities. In an "in" district, the costs are usually higher than in a more "average" district. In economically strong regions, the price level is generally higher than in structurally weak regions. Furthermore, the year of construction and the condition of the property are just as important as its equipment. Whether it's new windows, a lift or recently laid new pipes in accordance with the latest guidelines - all these points are assessed for a property and increase its value enormously. A high-quality kitchen, a bathroom according to the latest standards or a high-quality parquet floor increase the value. Last but not least, modernisations of all kinds also increase the value.

FLEXHYPO's construction financing includes a free indication of the value of your desired property. This provides you with valuable information as a basis for your purchase decision!

The 6 steps to your first home loan


Incomplete financing plan

  • Create a financing plan
  • Pay attention to all costs incurred
  • Get advice from experts
Ein professionell erarbeiteter Finanzierungsplan ist bei der Finanzierung einer Immobilie äußerst wichtig. Sind zum Beispiel die Kaufnebenkosten falsch oder gar nicht berücksichtigt, kann dies zu enormen Unannehmlichkeiten führen, weil Rechnungen ins Haus „flattern“ und im schlimmsten Fall sogar Geld fehlt. Denn mit der Begleichung des Kaufpreises ist es nicht getan. Der Notar erhebt Gebühren für die Beurkundung und auch das Grundbuchamt arbeitet nicht kostenlos. Schließlich wird in der Regel auch Grunderwerbsteuer zu zahlen sein. Nehmen Sie die Dienstleistung eines Maklers in Anspruch, muss auch dieser bezahlt werden.


Not enough equity capital

  • Check equity capital
  • Clarify conditions
  • Change due to equity
It is tempting, especially in low interest rate phases, to consider home financing with little equity. However, caution is advised here. Many banks require that at least the ancillary purchase costs be paid from existing reserves. But that is not all: financing with very little equity automatically extends the repayment period and thus the time until your property is paid off. In addition, due to the higher loan, the monthly burden is also higher. Last but not least, the banks pay for the higher credit risk with an interest surcharge. Translated with (free version)


Missing flexibility

  • Consider unscheduled repayments
  • Coordinate life planning with fixed interest rates
  • Calculate alternatives
Cheap credit offers often come at the expense of flexibility. However, the lack of flexibility in a loan agreement can have a very negative effect when life circumstances change. The chance of an earlier repayment of the loan through unscheduled repayment upon receipt of a bonus payment is then just as impossible as changing the rate within the fixed interest period. Often it is already foreseeable when the loan is taken out that the rate will soon no longer be suitable. Of course, the rate can also be intended to be lower. Think, for example, of a young couple who want to have children. Translated with (free version)


Financial burden

  • Write down living expenses
  • Consider annual expenses
  • Calculate alternatives / use budget calculator
Check your available budget carefully. The vast majority of clients still want to go on holiday after buying their property, and they may also want to buy a car at some point. Of course, many people are willing to go to their financial limits for the dream of owning their own home, which is quite understandable, but unfortunately many lose sight of their "real" living costs. Avoid this mistake!


Low repayment / high loan amount

  • Evaluate purchase price
  • Note the credit period
  • Compare conditions
Interest rates are currently at an all-time low. At the same time, real estate prices - especially in major German cities - have risen enormously. Banks regularly demand a repayment of only one percent, and the low interest rates do the rest. To put it bluntly, this constellation harbours the risk of buying too expensively. The risk lies in particular in the future development of interest rates. If they are dependent on follow-up financing in a completely changed market environment, this can cause overly ambitious planning to falter.


Interest rate fixing too short

  • Plan fixed interest
  • Observe running time
  • Compare conditions
As already described, we are currently in a phase of historically low interest rates. This is, of course, first of all pleasing for today's financing customers. Today you have the chance to plan a real estate financing at really favourable conditions, which allows planning security for a very long time. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you opt for a long fixed interest rate and have to throw very tempting conditions with shorter terms to the wind. But here, too, you should compare well: Many banks make you pay a lot for a long fixed interest rate!

What are incidental purchase costs?

Basically, ancillary purchase costs are all costs that are incurred when buying a property and are not the purchase price of the property itself. As a rule, these are the land transfer tax, the broker's commission, the costs for the notary and the entry in the land register. However, necessary construction work such as renovation or refurbishment costs are also ancillary purchase costs. For many property buyers, this is where the first questions arise. What is the minimum amount of equity I need to raise? Can I possibly finance the ancillary costs through a bank? This depends, for example, on the location of the property, the level of income and the length of employment.
As a rule of thumb, at least the ancillary purchase costs should be covered by the equity capital. Ideally, the equity should even cover an additional 20 % of the purchase price. However, it is important to weigh this up in each individual case: A permanent employment contract and a high income make it possible to bear a much greater monthly burden than the situation of a self-employed start-up.

The good news is that expert advice is conveniently available to you! Simply request your free quote and we will call you at your preferred time for individual advice.

Risks in real estate financing

Many things can happen in life that can get people into financial difficulties. As a general rule, many of these possible risks should be considered in advance! What happens if only one partner can pay the instalment on a joint loan? How do you protect yourself against an accident or even occupational disability? What happens to the real estate financing in the event of divorce?
A simple rule of three applies to risk management: name, assess, change. First of all, it is important to clearly identify the possible risks. Basically, the most relevant risks for real estate financing can be divided into life risks, personal risks and financing risks. Life risks include, for example, death, the risk of disability or divorce. Financing risks include all risks associated with financing: Interest rate risk, delayed allocation of building savings contracts, loss of rent, etc.. In the next step, the risks mentioned should be assessed. This is a very individual consideration of personal circumstances and lifestyle. In addition, there are statistical bases that should be consulted. These aspects have to be considered during a construction financing consultation, even and especially although one does not like to think about these things and the joy of purchasing a property should be in the foreground. In the course of our advisory services, we often find that many clients are not sufficiently aware of such risks.
In the last step, suitable solutions are sought to minimise these risks. There are various concepts for "damage limitation" and also concrete measures to reduce or even prevent these risks.
der schlüssel zur soliden finanzierung

Within the scope of our financing advice, the explanation of risks and how to protect oneself effectively against them is an essential component!

Advantages of our advice:
  • You have an eye on the current market development
  • You are up to date on the interest rate decision
  • You save money with our comparison

How high should the repayment be?

The instalment you pay to the bank each month is made up of the interest and the repayment. The interest is the cost of the money you borrow. The repayment, on the other hand, ensures that your loan is paid back to the bank in small steps. So if you can agree on a high percentage repayment, your loan will be repaid more quickly and you will pay less interest overall. A basic distinction is made between home financing and investment financing. When financing a capital investment, tax considerations also play an important role.
In concrete figures, this can look like this: With a loan of 200,000 EUR, an interest rate of 2 % and a repayment rate of 1 %, the monthly instalment amounts to 500 EUR. You would only be debt-free after about 55 years. If the repayment rate is now increased to 3%, the instalment increases accordingly to about 833 EUR. The instalment would now be much more expensive, but the loan would be paid off after about 25 years.
Simply contact us, our financial advisors will support you with all your questions and are guaranteed to find the right solution for you. We look forward to meeting you.

Simply let our financing experts calculate the various options for you. Benefit now from our comprehensive comparison of conditions from over 750 financing partners.

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