Your advantage with FLEXHYPO:

  • 40 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Konditionsvergleich bei zahlreichen Banken und Kreditinstituten
  • Excellent service
  • Independent advice


up to 100%

Financing proposal

within 24 hours

fixed interest

up to 30 years


over 40 years

At your side for 40 years

Experienced, independent, service-oriented

Our founder has been working successfully as an independent advisor for real estate financing for more than 40 years.

Unter der Marke FLEXHYPO arbeiten wir mittlerweile mit mehr als 750 Banken und Kreditinstituten zusammen und wissen, dass ein persönlicher Kontakt zu unseren Kunden und eine optimale Beratung von großer Wichtigkeit sind. Aus unseren beiden FLEXHYPO-Beratungscentern in Düsseldorf und Berlin beraten und vermitteln wir selbstverständlich mittlerweile auch bundesweit erfolgreich.

Every construction financing is individual. We will find the ideal combination of interest rate, repayment, term and contract design for you. Our aim is to surpass any offer from a traditional bank through our individual advice and excellent service.

flexhypoFLEXHYPO Berlin | Karl-Heinz Schüßler, Managing Director

Good advice is everything for us

Our employees have many years of advisory experience with comprehensive market knowledge. As a specialist in construction financing, we have a strong regional market position in the Düsseldorf area and beyond for the Rhineland and Ruhr region.

In cooperation with our partners, we offer our customers the most favourable construction financing nationwide. If you are looking for first-class advice - even outside normal business hours - and do not want to do without individual service right from the start, and at the same time want the best possible conditions for your construction financing, we are the first choice for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Six good reasons that speak for us


Many years of experience

We have been advising clients on all aspects of construction financing for over 40 years. Our financing experts are, of course, highly trained and benefit from our nationwide partner network. Especially when dealing with our financing partners, our experience pays off for our customers time and again.


Favourable conditions

Our goal is to provide favourable conditions on the market with an above-average level of quality. The arrangement of a real estate financing therefore always means a comparison of conditions first. After a feasibility check on our part, you will receive a condition reservation for a few days at the credit institution of your choice. This allows you to submit all documents and papers in peace and quiet. Ultimately, our advice leads to a recommendation based on price-performance criteria.


Independent broker

This point is often particularly convincing for our clients. We do not sell our own products, but as an independent advisor to our clients, we are merely agents of the real estate loan and are not obligated to the credit institutions in any way. By the way, we are paid by the bank. The advantage for the bank is that large parts of the financing process are transferred to us as intermediaries, thus saving costs enormously.


Excellent service

For us, service is our top priority when it comes to real estate financing. Our service promise ranges from the actual financing advice to communication with the various credit institutions. We take care of everything to do with your loan. You benefit from our intensive support as well as from our telephone consultation service. All from the comfort of your own home.


Über 750 Partner

Ein besonderer Vorteil unserer Vermittlungsdienstleistung ist, dass wir über unsere Partner über 75o Kreditinstitute anbieten können. Was uns dabei von vielen anderen Dienstleistern unterscheidet, sind unsere über mehr als 40 Jahre „gewachsenen“ Bankenkontakte. Hier erreichen wir immer wieder besonders günstige Konditionen für unsere Kunden. Dieses Vertrauensverhältnis ermöglicht es uns auch „schwierige“ Finanzierungen zu platzieren.


Flexible repayment

Of course, the possibilities of flexible repayment options have a special significance within the scope of our counselling. It is an essential task for us to evaluate your individual situation together with you and to formulate the right conclusions for the future. This is the only way to ensure that your real estate financing is not only favourable, but does not restrict your freedom in the future and offers the appropriate degree of planning security.

Our standard

We - the FLEXHYPO family - see ourselves as an independent service provider. Independent, because we choose the most favourable for our customers from the entire range of relevant providers. The focus is on a comprehensive range of services at low costs, because as independent advisors we are not bound to any provider.

As experts in the field of construction finance, our aim is to stand by our clients as equals. This is our understanding of respectful interaction with the responsibility of accompanying our clients in a major investment decision.

It is not uncommon for it to be the biggest financial decision of their lives! The guiding principle is therefore unconditional customer benefit. Security, transparency and trustworthiness are the essential attributes of our advice.


Trust through reliability


  • The satisfaction of our customers and respectful dealings are our most important concern
  • Support

  • We support you in realising your dream of owning your own home
  • Security

  • Security, transparency and trust are our top priorities
  • Guidebook

  • We help you to put your pension provision on a solid foundation

For example, we apply the "four-eyes principle". Every financing concept is anonymised, checked by a second, experienced advisor and approved. Last but not least, our clients trust us because we are also prepared to forego a deal if in doubt. If, in the course of our advice, we come to the conclusion that the intended investment is not in the best interests of our clients, we also advise against the purchase of an overpriced property! For us, this is part of an all-round serious consultation!

Our success proves us right. In addition to the competence of our experienced financing experts, our customers appreciate our honesty time and again. This is another reason why they are happy to recommend us. We only grow with the satisfaction of our customers. Their satisfaction is our greatest praise! After all, this is exactly our philosophy! We support you in realising your dream of owning your own home!

Another important point of our work for us is the topic of sustainability. Sustainable because we help to increase the ownership rate and support our customers in putting an essential part of their retirement provision on a solid foundation.

It is precisely this work that gives us great pleasure and ultimately contributes to our success and the success of our customers!

Best networked - with over 750 partners

In order to offer you the optimal construction financing for you, we work together with many strong partners. The leading B2B banking platforms are available to us for the financing process.

The advantage for you: we are not bound to any single provider and can therefore always make you the best offer in terms of conditions and service.

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